Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Week 20: Blog Hop - Check out these Author Blogs

While you're getting over the excitement of the election, take a break and Check out these Author Blogs.

5 Great Authors
1 E. M. Tippetts   Chick Lit & YA
Amazon Author page
Twitter: @emtippetts

2 Jason King     Fantasy 

3 A. L. Sowards  Historical Suspence
Amazon Link       Deseret Book Link         Seagull Book Link

4 Christy Monson  LDS Historical YA
Connections blog http://christymonson.blogspot.com/
Prophets blog http://prophetsinperson.blogspot.com/

5 Chris Stewart (He won his election yesterday.) He may not be posting today.



Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rowdy Readerz Book Club - Christmas Gifts for Readers

Today, I visited the Rowdy Readerz Book Club (facebook link).  This time they met at the Hunter Library in West Valley City, UT.  They usually meet at different restaurants and invite authors to come talk about their books and then discuss the book they are reading for the month.  I was there as their invited guest author to talk about my book Shelby's Plan and the sequel I'm currently editing (see WIP on the Blog Hop Post).

They are a very nice, fun group of women who are enthusiastic about reading.  They were suggesting books I should read and I left with a list of books to look up at the library or on Kindle.  They are so knowledgeable about the books they like and promised to post names of books they forgot the title or the author to on Facebook for me.  It's good for me to meet an audience of women who love to read.  It reminds me why I'm an author. 

I write because I can't always find the perfect book to read, so when I get in that mood I write the story I want to read or need to read.  Shelby's Plan was a book to comfort me when I thought I might lose my husband.  It helped me create an imaginary future if the worst happened.  It gave me hope. One of my readers said it gave her hope while she was in the midst of a divorce that she would find a man she could love again.  It's about learning to love again.

I'm hoping to get Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Deseret Book gift cards for Christmas so I can buy some of the books the Rowdy Readerz recommended.  Part of being a good writer is reading good books - it improves your writing to read other creative writers.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Texting Through Time - Guest Post by Christy Monson

A second Texting Through Time book is here, John Taylor And The Mystery Puzzle. It’s a fast-paced quick read—fun for kids and the entire family.

As Micah and Alicia get to know John Taylor, they find he is faithful, courageous, prayerful and loving. They must solve a mystery puzzle about his life before they can return home. While hunting for the puzzle pieces, they land in France with a dead phone battery—and Micah is in a dress! What else can go wrong?

This was such a fun book to write. I enjoy doing the research. It’s a blessing for me to learn about our modern-day prophets.

I am honored that Mary Jane Woodger, BYU Faculty and editor of Champion of Liberty, John Taylor, has written a forward for my book. Maureen Smith, International President of the Daughter’s of the Utah Pioneers has endorsed the book. And Mathew Buckley, author of Chickens in the Headlights, and Bullies in the Headlights has given it a thumbs-up.

If you like contests, be sure to join the book blast on November 13th. Order a book from Amazon and leave me a message on one of the following sites to win a $25.00 Amazon Gift Certificate.

My book launch will be at the Ogden Temple Deseret Book Store on Friday, November 23rd from 2 – 3:30 pm. Join the fun. Come for refreshments and a fun signing.

Check the websites for other scheduled signings.
**** Check back in a week for a review of this book -- Michelle****