Friday, January 11, 2013

Problems and blessings

I have a midterm next week and a new grandbaby due soon.  What are the odds they'll happen the same day?  That would be a problem, I need points from class attendance and I really want to see the new baby as soon as I can.

I work with people everyday who tell me about a string of bad luck, or redefine Murphy's Law.  One thing I know is that everybody has nothing but problems.  Do they really or does it just seem that way?  We like to focus on the unusual to make our lives seem less mundane.  So does a bunch of bad or stressful stuff really happen all at once? Or is it just that we are focused on what's different?

I brush my teeth or take a drink of water more often than bad stuff happens to me but I don't remember brushing or drinking.  We don't remember the mundane. The good things in life and small blessings sometimes become so common that they cease to be unusual.  Don't be tricked into just focusing on the problems or the bad. 

Start looking for blessings and I bet you'll see more of them.