Thursday, August 21, 2014

Letting my Body catch up with my Mind

I'm taking a break from school right now to let my body catch up with my mind.  My body is complaining about the sleepless nights studying and writing research papers, about team meetings on weekends, about the nights I have yogurt for dinner because I had four hours of class before I get home after all day at work, and the bone dead tired that makes me feel too tired to breathe.  At least it's a fatigue that comes from doing something I believe in.  I've been working with people who are mentally ill.  It is fascinating to talk to people who see the world much differently than me.  Sometimes they hear voices, see things, or just have bizarre thoughts running through their heads at random intervals.  So while I take a break from reading research and textbooks about it, I'm talking to people and learning about the world through their eyes, in their words, and in their voices.  While my mind learns through all my senses, hopefully, my body will have a chance to heal.