Saturday, December 29, 2012

Writers On Vacation

I kind of took a vacation from writing from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  I say "kind of"  because I wrote several academic papers for school in that time period.  Now, I feel refreshed and ready to go again for the New Year.

Some of the funny things that happened during that time:
My grand-daughter has been potty trained but has discovered a fear of automatic flush toilets.  I think many adults are afraid of them too.  I hate it when they go off unexpectedly when you're putting on the toilet seat cover or just adjusting your seat.  It is a first world problem as they say.

Everybody I know got two copies of Disney's Cinderella for Christmas.  I took my extra one back to Walmart and traded it for Disney Pixar's Brave.  Even my son who hates animation loved it.

Utah finally got a good dose of snow and my car door froze shut.  When I was trying to yank open the door, my feet slipped out from under me and I did an unexpected snow angel on the way to work.

My mother-in-law bought my very hard to shop for husband, Doritos and Dr. Pepper for Christmas; exactly, what he asked for :) .

I was going to finish editing a book during "Christmas Vacation" from school and I haven't even touched it yet.  I spite of it all, I'm happy to have spent time with my family over the holidays.  The book will wait patiently until I get it done, but my family has grown up too fast.  My favorite Christmas gift this year was a picture book done by my parents.  It has pictures  of them and then a couple pages for each of my siblings families with things that have happened this year.  It includes my son's wedding and pictures of my brother's wife who died this year.  Joy and sadness make up life, and it was good to take a moment and see the year in review.

May you all have a Happy New Year!

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