Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Book Review – Diamondz by Tori Edwards

In this new young adult novel, skateboarder Sierra Jones wants to win the upcoming skating competition and the sponsors that come with it.  She enjoys a great relationship with her brother Silas and his best friend Gage until Meredith Porter a pretty California girl shows up.  To make matters worse she is skateboarder too.  Sierra’s parents start enforcing rules on curfew and grades and it seriously gets in the way of her skateboarding practice.  Conflicts with her mother escalate and Dad won’t bail her out of trouble anymore.  When she breaks her board, she ends up turning to Meredith for help.

Tori Edwards’ first novel has well developed characters with unique problems to which any teen can relate.  Jealousy, friendship, grades, trust, and issues with parents are all elements of this book.  I enjoyed this read even though I’ve never wanted to skateboard.  I recommend this book for readers 10 and up.

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