Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Do the Write Thing

My first book, Shelby's Plan was published by Avalon Books 16 years ago.  Since then I've learned that life happens and you don't always accomplish everything you want to all at once.  My paperback version of this book unfortunately came out on September 11, 2001.  I too long associated my book with the events of that day and couldn't market it like I planned.  If you read Shelby's Plan you  know that the message of that book is that you have to live because you never know when you or your spouse could be gone.

Jump forward to 2012, my publisher decided to do a kindle ebook of Shelby's Plan.  And Avalon Books was bought out by Amazon Publishing giving the backlist new life. I also was finally able to recover all my old manuscripts from ancient computer disks. .(There were compatibility issues to be overcome.)  I'm writing and editing again and hope to get another book out this year.

I have two rewrites in the works of Laura's Fence Posts and There's No Such Thing as Fate, and have started Shelby's Baby.  I hope to finish this year strong!


  1. To buy the ebook for platforms other than Kindle.

  2. Looking forward to reading Shelby's Baby.